Vino In My Dino

Three Tiers

October 16, 2014 15:04

In the wine business there are three tiers: the winery (supplier) the wholesaler (the middleman) and retail/restaurant accounts. You, my friend, may be a part of any of these layers or are the invisible ‘fourth’ tier because you could be the consumer-the one who buys the wine off the list or from the shelf. If we, Pedroncelli Winery, are known as the supplier, it follows that Classic Wine Imports is our wholesaler for Massachusetts and Wines & More a retail account buying our wine to sell to the public. Having maneuvered this system for almost 50 years, it works well for us. In fact, the bulk of our wines are sold via the three tier network. A more recent category includes DTC or the Direct to Consumer category. We have expanded over the years to reach out through Club Ped, our wine club, and through our website with an online store. We do sell direct (click here) and about 10% of our wine is sold internationally. With our production at 60,000 cases it makes the global distribution of our wines more available to you, the buying public. And the many ways to sell our wines continues to grow. My grandparents would marvel at the avenues we have available now. When they started it was ‘word of mouth’ in those early years selling wine to neighbors and friends. Now for some vino in my dino, toasting our friends far and wide who enjoy our wines. This is my dad Jim, grandfather Giovanni and uncle John circa 1965. Cheers!

Jim Giovanni and John 1965

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