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Playing with History

October 31, 2014 14:17

Artifacts are easy to come by at Pedroncelli since we have been here for 87 years. When I was growing up in our home, which later on became the sales and marketing office, we found a number of things to play with or at least be curious about that my grandfather had accrued over the years. I remember visiting the old barn in back, a little creepy but loaded with discarded tractor parts, winery equipment and history. We have a few items on display in the Tasting Room, an old hand corker as well as a mold for wine bottles. Some of our historical items are destined for display at the Smithsonian (see October 23rd’s post). While we weren’t one of those families to take out the camera and record every moment in our winery history, we do have a few photos around. One of my favorites is a candid shot of my grandfather hosting some guests and they took the photo in front of the old tank building. He built our first tasting room, originally a corner of the bottling room in our cellar, to showcase his wines. He carved out some precious space and put up shelves to carry the products he was so proud of and loved to pour for his friends. Even our is a tip of the hat to those days when he would take a bottle into the cellar and bring back “Giovanni’s Red” in a gallon jug. We also enjoy pointing out we operated the first Tasting Room in Dry Creek Valley! Enjoy this look into our past and raise a glass to my grandfather’s memory and heritage in our corner of the valley.

Fathers Winery

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