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Pinot Noir Rules!

October 14, 2014 15:09

23 years later science has taken more leaps and bounds, articles continue to discuss the health benefits of consuming wine. The other day my sister Lisa, who works here at Pedroncelli World Headquarters, told me she had read that Pinot Noir has the highest anti-oxidant levels than any other red wine. Hmmm—first of all, this is something that had escaped me and second of all, it is a very interesting premise. Why would one wine contain a higher level of resveratrol? It has to do with appellation according to the article. Terroir, French for the aspect of wine influenced by the vineyard’s own micro-climate (the combination of soils, climate and place), is the answer. It seems it is the ‘where’ of the Pinot Noir that is most important. Check out these links for a couple of views on both the immune system and the theory behind why Pinot Noir is ahead of the curve on resveratrol. I’ll enjoy some red wine in my Dino tonight.

Click here for the Pinot Noir mention.

Click here for immune system article.

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