Vino In My Dino

It's a Family Thing

June 3, 2015 16:26

Here I am 30 years after making the decision to work full time for my family’s business. Today I am remembering a conversation between my dad and me when I was asked to consider full time work for the winery. We were standing in the Case Goods Warehouse, I was helping out on weekends and living in the East Bay. The place is important because, after all these years, I now realize this was where my dad lives and breathes Pedroncelli, where you will find him at any time of the year either on a forklift or counting cases. He had a plan and I would soon be part of it. So my first thought was how my degree in English would benefit working in this industry and for my family. Come to find out, my liberal arts education came in mighty handy. I went from staffing the Tasting Room and focused on learning the business from the ground up (what is the difference between Zinfandel and Cabernet, viticulture and winetasting classes, learned the importance of the Dry Creek Valley appellation) to Brand Ambassador where the world is my market and sometimes my office chair is 30,000 feet up. What does 30 years working for a family wine business look like? You work closely with family members, taste countless wines, find my voice and then tell our story to thousands of people, travel too many miles to count, give tours of our vineyards again and again without it ever getting ‘old’, live our lifestyle, see the next generation set in place, write millions of words. I can tell you it has been fun, exciting, challenging and rewarding. Sit back and relax as the next month covers a few of the highlights over the years. I’ll toast my Dino, where it all started!

Julie in 2013


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