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April 22, 2015 13:49

The sustainability efforts were just a whisper in 1986 when we built our Barrel Room. It houses 2000 of our red wine barrels and is not an air-conditioned building. A barrel room does its best work when it is kept between 55-60 degrees. How do we keep our barrel room cool? The large room has vents on the outside walls that automatically open at night to allow the cold air in and close by sun up so the chill stays inside. This has helped us maintain the right atmosphere to age wine as well as keep our carbon footprint even lighter. In fact our cellar, built in the early 1900s, is not air conditioned either. It has some help with the temperature controlled stainless steel tanks but they don’t chill wine tanks down every day –and the building maintains the cellar chill year round. Other ways we strive for sustainability at the winery include simple things like energy efficiency (we changed the lighting in all warehouses to turn on when someone is working in the area), recycling and composting, and water conservation. We like to say we have been sustainable for 87 years and our goal is to maintain it all for future generations. We achieve this goal by looking at the options we have to make not only the vineyard but the winery operations better with each passing year. A toast to Earth Day and keeping our sights on being good stewards of the land.

For more about Earth Month visit Discover California.

One vent on the side of our Barrel Room-doing its part to lighten our carbon footprint.

Barrel Room Vent

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