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Bloom & Set: The Vineyard in June

May 30, 2018 15:55

Bloom & Set: The Vineyard in June

One of the most exciting parts of the growing season is when the vines set their crop. Before that happens however did you know vines ‘bloom’? They do and there is a lovely aroma that wafts off of them during this time. Find out how 2018 is looking in our vineyard.

Most of the time Mother Nature works with us and sometimes she doesn’t. Wind. Rain. Extreme heat. All of these can affect the bloom and set phase of a grapevine. This year the month of May brought us the perfect weather setting for bloom. A long cool month without extremes made the crop set easy this year. According to Vineyard Manager Lance Blakeley, "Weather has been ideal for bloom time. We are about 95% berry set with all varietals. While it is still early on in the season our Cabernet Sauvignon looks like an above average crop along with our Sauvignon Blanc. Merlot is looking like an average crop. Zinfandel on the Home Ranch is below average just on cluster counts we have surveyed."

Farming 105 acres here in northern Dry Creek Valley has challenges but this year we escaped any detrimental weather and now we look to the next stage, veraison, which will take place in July. That is, weather permitting!

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