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Wrapping up Down to Earth Month

April 30, 2015 13:21

Today is the final day of Down to Earth Month. I've covered a few of the ways we remain sustainable. Water…Energy…Community these three all play an integral role as we take on the certification of our vineyards and winery. While all three have been a focus for us it is clear we need to continue our efforts in all categories. We practice what we preach both at the winery and in our homes-much like you do by recycling, cutting down on water use (especially if you are a Californian), and working with the community to find ways of being better at conservation. I’d like to share an example of how things change when we become aware of taking care of our planet. When Adrienne and Joe were in grade school (this is in the early 1990s) the idea of curbside recycling was just beginning to take root. Joe came home one day really fired up about recycling-I realized it had not been a focus for Adrienne’s class just two years earlier. It impressed me at the time because until it had filtered down and become part of our education it wasn’t on our collective radar. Now recycling is second nature both at home and at the winery where we choose ecologically better sources or products, lower our impact on energy use and save water, maintain open spaces and more. I’ve said it before, we are in it for the long-term both for the good of our home and future generations. A toast to Down To Earth Month, may we celebrate it every day.

Mother Clone Zinfandel, Home Ranch.

MC Zin single vine


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