Vino In My Dino

Women’s History Month: Weaving the Story of Women’s Lives

March 25, 2015 14:43

They say it takes a village to raise a child and I say it takes everyone in a family to run a winery. All four Pedroncelli children worked on the farm and in the winery or vineyards as soon as they were old enough. One of Margaret’s jobs as the big sister was to take care of Jim, 11 years her junior. She married Al Pedroni and through them the Bushnell Vineyard survives today, with over 60 years of grapes from this hillside vineyard. Marianne was the bold one, always offering to drive the tractor and taking on the more challenging jobs. After enlisting in the Marines during World War 2 she worked for the State of California until retirement. She moved home where she became our tireless promoter. John married Christine in 1966 and moved to their home on estate vineyards. She served on the Dry Creek Zoning Committee to help design the zoning regulations and keep agriculture the focus rather than creating subdivisions. She served on the Santa Rosa Junior College Board of Trustees followed by the Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees and the Memorial Foundation. My dad Jim married my mom Phyllis in 1959 and, once they moved to the family home on the winery property, she took on the task of keeping the books as well as other winery duties outside of raising me and my sisters. My mom not only had her hands full here but she also volunteered countless hours at our school while working side by side with my dad as the business expanded. My aunts and mom contributed greatly, one and all, and by their example and hard work the winery continues today. A toast to them for their contributions to the family and to the wine business.

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