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Wine Science! Part 3

February 10, 2015 17:27

Tasting rooms are one of the best places to try wines from many different areas and varietals. How many times have you been on vacation, traveled to wine country, and came away with quite a few bottles of wine? I have and sometimes when I get back I wonder ‘what was I thinking’ because, in my case,  many of them are dessert wines. For some reason whenever I taste a one of these at the end of the line-up it is the wine I buy, and now I have quite a nice cellar of 20 year old sweet wines. The whole experience led me to enjoy a wine I don’t normally buy. This video on the psychology of wine is a great discussion on how we taste wine in different situations:  a candlelit restaurant (or well-designed tasting room), listening to what someone else finds in the wine, knowledge of the cost of the wine, what the label looks like, which brand, whether familiar or unknown, is in our glass. Our experience and assumptions inform the taste of the wine. I like the part in the video that talks about what a friend or stranger finds in the wine-and suddenly you too find the ‘earthiness’ as stated in the example. Yesterday Ed said he could taste a certain floral characteristic in the red blend we were tasting in our office. And just as suddenly the aroma of narcissus wafted out of the glass-but I hadn’t identified it before he said something. What about the price of a wine? Is a $5 wine worse than a $45 wine-especially if you enjoy the taste of the $5 version. Imagine you would then have 9 times the fun if you are prefer the lower priced wine. If you are a wine lover like me look for how the psychology of wine affects you-it may be as subliminal as the preferring one label over another or subconsciously finding the fruit aspect that a friend picks up in their glass of wine. I see you are becoming thirsty, very thirsty, for a glass of Pedroncelli Zinfandel…

Psychology of Wine video.

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