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Wine Science! Part 1

February 3, 2015 17:34

Wine terms don't always communicate what we are talking about and if you are outside of 'the industry' they are difficult to comprehend. I have worked 30 years for my family's wine business and I have developed a large wine vocabulary. When I speak to groups I make an assumption (yeah I know) that the audience has the same knowledge or vocabulary. I have the most fun coming up with ways to make wine words understandable and comfortable, like your favorite slippers instead of some squeaky leather shoes you have hard time breaking in. Some terms are easy like ‘barrel fermented’ and mean what they say-wine is fermented in the barrel as part of the winemaking process for this particular bottle—pretty simple. Others like malo-lactic fermentation and sur lies are Greek to some people-who the heck is 'Sur' lies and why is he lying? I found these videos a few months ago and saved them for a rainy day-even if it isn't raining today here is the first of three-enjoy with a glass of wine and prepare to be informed!

Out of the bottle: Tricks of the Trade


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