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Wine + Julie: In a relationship

March 9, 2015 16:49

This revelation should come as no surprise to many of you. I enjoy wine. I know it is a funny thing to admit here, in a winery blog, after all. It must have begun long ago when I would play in the vineyards during harvest and taste the grapes, see wine included at dinnertime, experience the camaraderie in sharing with friends and family on holidays and Sundays. My passion for wine developed over the years-after spending 30 of them working for my family’s winery it seems I have it in my DNA. Perhaps it is from focusing on our wine over this long period where my perspective was broadened and my palate sharpened. My life of wine led to trying ‘Other People’s Wine’ or OPW as Ed and I like to say. It also led to being adventurous in my scope-trying varietals or appellations I had never heard of before (I’ll admit I had a brief fling with Paso Rhone blends not too long ago). I have shared before how much I love Champagne and other sparkling beverages and will continue my search for the next delicious glass of red, white, or rosé. I think of it all as an adventure and a very fun side of my career. How many people do you know who taste wine at all times of the day or night? Hmmm, which wine will I choose this evening? Dear friends gave us a bottle of Chardonnay to try and tonight it will be enjoyed!

Sharing my passion for Pedroncelli (it’s all in the hands) at a sales meeting in Chicago last week for Louis Glunz Wines.

Julie at Glunz Wines

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