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August 31, 2021 12:31


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This time of year in Wine Country we are in waiting mode. Things have been buttoned up in the celllar-emptied tanks & barrels, bottling finished, and now preparing the crushpad for the launch of harvest. On or around August 24 we will bring in the first grapes of the vintage, our estate Sauvignon Blanc. Fittingly I wrote about this a year ago and in other posts over the years-we always seem to be waiting for harvest to begin, having completed or checked off all the preparations. Sometimes it comes early, sometimes later. Nevertheless it always begins.

Another form of waiting these days is for the pandemic and virus to end. I wrote about it exactly a year ago in The Waiting (Is the Hardest Part).  While the restrictions have changed and guidelines loosened over the last year, the CDC, State and County are issuing mandates to curb the spread now and in coming months. I sure hope we don’t go back to the ‘purple’ zone.

Many years ago, I listened to a speaker talk about waiting for her child to be born. She compared it to preparing for a move to Italy. You know where you will end up and you familiarize yourself with the destination. You read up, study the language, study the culture and prepare as best you can. But there was a change in plans for her. She landed in Amsterdam and her life took a different turn when her special needs daughter was born. As prepared as she was for Italy she now was in an unfamiliar land, unprepared for the language, culture and experience. I find this true of the pandemic. Living with a culture of masks and social distancing, missing the grand and large gatherings all make the waiting longer.

I found myself in a similar situation this week. I should say my husband and I found ourselves in a similar situation. It involved a lot of waiting. As he was preparing for major surgery they wanted to see if his heart could take the stress, so they put him through a stress test on the treadmill. They found a problem so fast tracked him to get an angiogram. We waited over the weekend, counting the hours until he could get an appointment and then went in on Tuesday. What was supposed to be a 3 hour wait turned into 6 hours with Ed in the prep area and me in the, wait for it, waiting room. The news about his heart wasn’t good and they admitted him then and there. We spent the whole week waiting to hear what was next. Next week he’ll be getting a coronary bypass or three.

We went from expecting one type of operation (which will now have to wait 12 weeks) and entered the world of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. I can speak for both of us when I say we dodged a major bullet and Ed will soon be back to his regular old self with a few tweaks in the food and wine department.

How about you? Has your life taken a turn, did you expect one outcome and receive another? I hate surprises, I like life to go along with the sameness of day to day. We have all heard about these types of surprises and how they change us inside and out. I know I am thankful for the turn our life took this week and look forward to learning about the language and culture of the heart. With harvest just around the corner and the pandemic still part of our lives we wait for the grapes to ripen just right, for the vintage to go smoothly and celebrate our 94th year.

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