Vino In My Dino

Trimming the Vine

December 11, 2015 11:21

Trimming vines is a months-long occupation for the vineyard crew beginning typically in November. Since it has been raining the last few days all pruning of the vines has ceased for the moment. Once the vines and ground have dried out a bit the crew will be back out in the vineyard. I discussed pruning last week and how a vine goes dormant after the first cold snap, usually happening in November.

This week the subject is what happens with those canes. Spur pruning the head pruned vines on the home ranch requires the knowledge of where to make changes in the direction of the vine arm for optimal growth and ripening as well as leaving two buds on each arm for the 2016 crop. Canes are piled between the vines and in the old days were burned in large piles. In recent years, with an eye toward sustainability as well as sparing the air, the canes are chopped and left in the vineyard as mulch. A toast to the hardworking crew and vines with splash of vino in my Dino!

Canes before

Canes after

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