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Reflections: 9 11 21

September 20, 2021 13:10

Reflections: 9 11 21
Pausing to reflect as we go along in life is important. Remembering a time, a place, people. We pause to gather our thoughts even amidst something like harvest here in Wine Country, the beginning of a college semester, or in the middle of a busy life. Today I couldn’t write this note without reflecting on something that changed our nation 20 years ago.

If you are 25-30 years old and older I am pretty sure you remember where you were. I sure do because Ed was traveling and I was home with Adrienne and Joe. Ed called me as he was in upstate New York and told me about what had happened before I had a chance to see for myself. It took him three days to get home. First by car then, along about Nebraska, he saw the planes moving and bailed on his cross country trip with his boss and co-workers and hopped on a plane to complete his return trip home. Ours is one in a million stories about this time and I know you have yours as well.

Travel is on my mind because it changed so much two decades ago. And these days, with the pandemic, travel has changed again. This isn’t the only thing that is on my mind of course. I remember two years ago I was in New York for a series of events. Ed and I took some time to take in the sights including the 9/11 memorial for the first time and the musical Come From Away, based on the true story about 7000 people landing in a small Newfoundland town as planes were rerouted away from the U.S. to clear air space. We came away with a sense of awe, thankfulness and appreciation of what had taken place. Strangers lending aid to thousands of souls who took an unplanned trip to a far away place at a very unsettled time. Remembering and reflecting on the events of those days helps us to process and to keep hope alive.
9 11 in 2019 2

In May 2019 we walked around the memorial. Appropriately it was a rainy day. 

I also reflect on what takes place on this day over the last 20 years here at the winery. This is the time of year we harvest grapes and, as each September rolls around, we are deep into the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the vintage. 20 harvests telling the story from the growing season to the first pick. Reflecting on each one, whether framed by weather variations, production large or small, fires, or the pandemic we finish yet another year, another grape harvest. The timelessness of nature seems to cross all boundaries and life goes on even as we take time to remember and honor this solemn day.

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