Vino In My Dino

Reaching for the Sky

May 18, 2016 15:51

Shoots are growing by leaps and bounds as the weather this week reaches into the 90s and the new canes seem to get longer by the hour. Thanks to plenty of water in the soil from our winter and spring rains the vine growth seems uninhibited. The vineyard crew is busily putting the finishing touches of what we call shoot selection (and old-timers call suckering) on each and every vine planted on our 105 acres. This means the unnecessary shoots, which take energy and nutrients away from the main crop, are nipped in the bud. And with all of temperate weather this spring the timing has paved the way for bloom to occur as the next stage of the future 2016 crop.

Did you know?

4,600 growers farm 543,000 acres of winegrapes in 46 of California's 58 counties, though vineyards cover less than one percent of the state's terrain.

Reach for the sky! Our Petite Verdot vines seem to say that as the growth in the vineyard is spurred on by a temperate spring.

Petite Verdot shoots

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