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Pedroncelli at The Smithsonian

October 23, 2014 14:25

One year ago my family was in Washington DC celebrating the 80th anniversary of Repeal from Prohibition. The event was held at the Smithsonian Castle and was a fundraiser for the National Museum of American History. Did you know that one of our 1950s family dinner photos is included in an exhibit entitled FOOD: Transforming the American Table, 1950-2000 at the museum? It debuted in November 2012 and includes many of the iconic moments taking place during those 50 years including Julia Child’s kitchen and the history of American wine and its place on the table. Here is a photo of the exhibit and will be displayed for another 3 years-plenty of time to go and see it. The family also donated several of our own artifacts after two curators toured the winery in 2013. When curator Paula Johnson turned to me and asked, “Would you rather have hundreds of people see this or thousands?” the opportunity was too good to pass up-a way of preserving our history as well as sharing with America. A cellar door sign, a ledger, a wooden grape box, my grandmother’s polenta pot and a barrel stencil from the 1930’s joined their archives. We feel it is a beginning rather than an ending—when the museum shares our history in a future exhibit! Cheers to our past and future.

Here is part of the exhibit with our photo in the background.

Pedroncelli at Smithsonian

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