Vino In My Dino

In Water We Trust

February 12, 2016 17:44

The weather outside is delightful. It seems like spring is upon us with these mild warm days with temperatures in the 70s-I know our friends on the East Coast would like a bit of this warmth right now! We are experiencing a spring-like mid-February with the high pressure system pushing the rain north and east of California. It isn’t unusual to have a break in the rain and a warming trend.

There is good news even as a few are fearful El Nino has left the building. Winter isn’t over until March 20 and there is hope we will receive more rain between now and then and into early spring (April showers…). For now the update is we are slightly above average on rainfall for our area. The two lakes, Sonoma and Mendocino, are full to capacity and even slightly above in Mendocino’s case. They are doing their job as flood control and for future water needs and recreation year round. As farmers we depend on the weather and work with what we have. Here's hoping for more precipitation and a toast to Mother Nature in all of her glory.

Thanks to the rain we have a lush cover crop. Bell bean shoots and buttercups mix between the vines.

Bell Beans and Buttercups


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