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Harvest 2016 Begins

August 17, 2016 12:39

We began our 89th harvest with Sauvignon Blanc from our East Side Vineyards located a mile west of the winery. We started harvest on the same date one year ago!

Here are some snapshots from the big event:

Winemaker Montse testing for Brix at the harvest lab. Measured 23.5-nice and ripe.

Montse in lab

Next stop is the crush pad for destemming.

Sauvignon Blanc crush pad

From the destemmer into the press-the rice hulls you see are part of the process to make sure we get all the juice from the skins (and the hulls are inert and add no flavor to the wine).

Sauvignon Blanc press

The 2016 vintage of our Sauvignon Blanc has been pressed, the juice flowing into the sump and on its' way to the fermentation tank. Let the vintage begin!

Sauvignon Blanc sump flow

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