Vino In My Dino

Harvest 2014 Begins

September 5, 2014 15:58

We’re weighing in our 87th harvest and our harvest t-shirts say it all: ‘Keep calm and crush on’. We kicked off our 87th vintage with our Sauvignon Blanc on August 19. While this is a bit early, I checked our records from last year and I see we brought in fruit from the same vineyard on August 22—very close! The earliest picking on record for this vineyard, located on the valley floor just a mile from the winery, is on August 12,2004 (if anyone is keeping count). I have to say, as a family owned and operated winery, the weeks leading up to this day has everyone on pins and needles the month or so before the first grape is picked. It is like waiting for your baby to be born. And we have been waiting each year through 87 harvests.

Sounds like a toast is in order, to the generations working together and our loyal crew who always gets the best out of the harvest. Pour some vino in your Dino and join me!

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