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Down to Earth Month: Being Sustainable

April 2, 2015 14:23

What does it mean to be sustainable? It means to tread lightly and to be good stewards of the land. It means creating a better environment now and for the future generations. Three generations of my family have called Dry Creek Valley home since 1927. Sustainability is part of our DNA. We have always been good stewards from the days when my grandparents tilled the soil, farmed grapes, raised crops and animals to sustain their family to the next 8 decades of tending the land, making wine, and sharing the fruit of our labors. Our family is committed to bringing up the next generations the same way we were. After 87 years of farming we are on the path to be certified sustainable through the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance. Even our home county of Sonoma has pledged 100% of the vintners and growers will be certified by 2019. We are on board and have accomplished many of the requirements already. Believe me when I tell you I have gone through more than 200 of the assessment questions myself (twice!) and it is gratifying to see the proof of our sustainability in many areas along with room for growth in others. Join me as this month is spent studying our vineyards and winery operations and logging examples of our sustainability. Cheers!

An example of erosion control: stems from the 2014 harvest are spread along hillside areas to cut back on erosion of the vineyard roads.

Stems help Erosion control

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