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Dear Dino: Sweets and Wine

February 12, 2015 17:22

Does chocolate really go with Cabernet Sauvignon? Does Zinfandel pair well with snickerdoodles? These are only two of the things to consider when thinking about pairing wine with desserts. I am adding my thoughts on the subject today as we plunge toward Valentine’s Day, a holiday rife with sweet things. In a winery’s or restaurant’s desire to showcase all of their wines I often see the suggestion to pair dry red wines like Cabernet, Zinfandel and even Petite Sirah with desserts. I am not a fan of these pairings and luckily for us we make a Port that does pair well with most desserts. (Although, frankly, I prefer a tasty Stilton and toasted walnuts as the perfect pairing with Port style wines). I recommend going with less sweet confections-perhaps richer in butter, some caramelization, and featuring nuts for a good tie between the wine and dessert. On one occasion when our wine paired well with something sweet we were at an event and placed next to a bakery featuring a vast array of cookies. Ed tried our Mother Clone Zinfandel and snickerdoodles and loved the two together-there is a hint of cinnamon that links to the flavors and fruitiness of the Zin. He also enjoyed pairing their chocolate topped macaroon with our Rosé where the coconut resonated with the flavors in the wine. In my efforts to include using wine in desserts to help bridge the gap even further-like our Mini Port Chocolate Cupcakes or Poached Pears in Spiced Red Wine, it helps to have the addition of wine to link the two. A bit more advice-consider the wine you are serving with dessert: is it a bit fruity or soft, with lower tannins? This style will pair better with certain sweets. Are you pairing it with chocolate? It can be a tasty experience but too much sugariness and I think you have lost the connection between the two. I have included a few links which I hope will help you and me in our search for a perfect pairing. I will enjoy the moment with a bit of Zin in my glass and a snickerdoodle or two.

While these are some great ideas, all of the wines are in the dessert wine category.

Here are the recipes in our dessert section of Pedroncelli's recipes-enjoy!

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