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Burma Shave and Barrel Tasting

March 11, 2016 17:10

The act of going winetasting, driving from winery to winery, especially during an industry wide event like Barrel Tasting, needs what I call tricks of the trade. Previously we’ve looked at how to taste wine from a barrel; while tasting to swirl, sniff, sip and especially spit or pour out the remainder in your glass and presented a video, made by the Wine Road, to give some friendly advice on what to do while tasting. The reason? Responsible hospitality both on the winery’s part as well as the visitor-that would be you.

A few years ago we tried to get the idea of responsible sipping across to our visitors at major events by creating four signs that followed the Burma Shave signs which were popular throughout the US beginning in the 1920s. (Hey we were founded in the 1920’s too!) These used humor to sell their product, shaving cream, as people drove along the highways and byways of the U.S. We used humor to get the point across, that it is really okay to spit or pour out the sample of wine, as tasters entered our barrel room.

The reason behind limiting the amount of wine is because it allows the taster’s palate to last longer throughout the day, known as palate fatigue, and to be responsible for the amount of wine consumed. Sometimes it is hard for tasters to understand why we think it is the right thing to do but trust us, we have a lot of experience with this subject. So take a look at our Burma Shave-inspired quip and remember the next time you have some vino in your dino to do the right thing for you and your palate.

Burma Shave tasting sign

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