Vino In My Dino

A Tale of Two Tasters

October 21, 2014 14:59

We were at an event a month ago when two people, unrelated, walked up to the table-the woman spoke to my husband Ed and the fellow struck up a conversation with me. It was about hospitality in our tasting room the two experienced that spanned 40 years between them. Her story: she was in town a few days before the event visiting tasting rooms in Sonoma County and she found herself in ours. Her experience here was capped by a very friendly tasting room staffer, Juliette. She sought us out at the event because of her very positive and educational visit just to share her delight in our welcoming atmosphere. His story: He told me he found our tasting room in the early 1970s, which in my opinion wasn’t too hard to do as we were one of the few operating in Dry Creek Valley at the time. He was a student just out of college and was going into the restaurant business in South Lake Tahoe. Because of his experience with John Soule, who was our tasting room host during the early 1970s, he never forgot his first wines or John. In fact he included Pedroncelli wines on his wine list because of this encounter. I would have a hard time coming up with the number of people who have walked through the doors of our tasting room but I am sure of this: we’ll continue to pour our wines and have great conversations while you visit! Here is John Soule, Tasting Room Host extraordinaire, in 1971. From my dino to yours, cheers.

John Soule in 1971

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