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Vineyard Views

June 25, 2018 16:51

Vineyard Views

A look into the developing vineyards just before the all-important veraison when the grapes begin to soften and turn color.

July is the harbinger of hot weather, cookouts, vacation and veraison. Which of these has to do with what is going on in the vineyard? As the weather warms up, and it did as June came to a close, the vines are also developing the individual bunches of grapes because they are stocked up on water and nutrients from the dormant wintertime. The berries begin to change from tiny, hard, intense green to a lighter color and the berries themselves are beginning to grow larger and will be softening as they begin to turn color. Color, in a wine grape, can be a lighter green-turning-to-yellow for the white varietals and different shades of purple for the red wine varietals. The vineyard crew continues visiting each of the blocks (we farm 105 acres of estate grapes) keeping them trimmed of suckers, beginning to train the canopies, discovering the vine’s proclivities to the sun for best ripening and working toward harvest 2018.

Here is a short video outlining the process by yours truly via a ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates & Producers) produced video.

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