Vino In My Dino


March 29, 2018 10:07


March really did roll in like a lion and brought us much needed rain for the vineyards and even delayed bud break by 2 weeks. As the month ended we had temperatures in the 80s and spring had sprung with cover crop as high as the vines in some places and bees buzzing around the rosemary bushes.

We received over 7 inches of rain in total for the month pushing us closer to an average rainfall and away from full on drought. In fact we are officially not in a drought because of all the rain. Yahoo-we weren’t looking forward to that type of challenge so soon after the last one.

Vines typically begin their growth in spring which usually begins by mid-March. A few early starters pushed some buds like our Sangiovese-which acted like a race horse this year raring to go. It is often the first out of the gate or just after our Zinfandel. Our Mother Clone Zinfandel wasn’t far behind. Once bud break takes place the growing season begins. Bloom sometime in May followed by crop set in June and through the summer we'll watch as the grapes color up and ripen. Before you know it the grapes will be ready for harvest.

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