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Home Ranch in December

November 30, 2017 16:26

Home Ranch in December

We’ve received a couple of inches of rain in the last two months and you can see the greening of the vineyards bringing back life to the hillsides surrounding the winery. Fall colors are still apparent although a little raggedy looking as the leaves are falling off as the vine reverts to dormancy and the chill in the air indicates winter is coming. Unpruned Mother Clone Zinfandel

Pruning begins in the Mother Clone Zinfandel vineyard readying it for its’ winter nap.

Pruned Mother Clone Zinfandel

Things are pretty quiet out here while all the barrel work continues inside the cellar. Moss growing on an oak tree along the vineyard path.

Mossy Oak Tree

I even found deer hoof prints in the rain softened soil.

Deer hoof prints

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