Arugula and Melon Salad with Crisp Prosciutto

Serves 8-10


1 Container of baby arugula

2 cups diced melon: cantaloupe, Persian, honeydew, Crenshaw

2 oz prosciutto, cut up in small pieces

Melon Vinaigrette (recipe follows)

Melon Vinaigrette  (yields about 2/3 cups, enough for about 18-20 servings-you may have some left over)

¼ cup pureed melon (cantaloupe or persian)

½ T reduced balsamic (or ~1T regular balsamic)

1 1/2T lemon juice (Meyer Lemon)

¼ c olive oil (extra virgin)

~1/2 tsp salt

Fresh ground black pepper


Method for the vinaigrette:

Combine melon, lemon juice and balsamic in a pint jar (put on a lid) and shake to mix. Add olive oil, salt and pepper and put on lid and shake vigorously until combined.

Method for the salad:

Heat a skillet to medium-high heat. Place prosciutto pieces to cover bottom (may take two batches) and fry them until crisp. Place on paper towel to drain. Once cooled, toss the arugula