Farro Salad

Pairs Well With

Serves about 8-10 as a side



2 T olive oil

3 large cloves of garlic, finely chopped

1 cup onion, diced

1 ½ cups emmer farro (“true” farro, not barley)

4 cups chicken or vegetable broth (organic, low sodium)

1 head cauliflower, broken into large florettes (2” clusters)

1 red bell pepper, ½’d , cored & seeded

1 red onion, cut in 8 wedges

2-3 cups diced (approx 1/2” cubes) summer squash:  zucchini, patty pans, crookneck, etc. or any combo thereof

Olive oil

10 dry cured olives, pitted and chopped (optional; can be very salty)

3T chopped parsley

3T chopped fresh basil

1/3- ½ cup grated parmegiano-reggiano cheese

¼  cup toasted pinenuts

Salt & Pepper to taste


In a 6-8 cup saucepan heat 2 T olive oil and saute garlic and 1 cup onion until soft,5-8min. Add farro and cook 5-10 min to toast farro (like you would for pilaf style rice). Add broth. Bring to boil. Reduce heat and cook covered over low heat for about an hour or until tender or al dente. Let cool off heat. Drain any liquid if still present. Save liquid to reduce and pour over salad as a “dressing”. (Or just toss the leftover liquid, but it’s pretty flavorful).

 While farro is cooking, lightly coat cauliflower, red bell pepper, onion and squash with olive oil and roast on a sheet pan at about 400 degree until tender and browned. May have to remove some veggies before others so they don’t become mush. Let cool.

Cut cauliflower, red bell pepper and onion into ¼ “-1/2 ” inch pieces. Combine farro and vegetables; mix in remaining ingredients. Season with salt & pepper(and more parmegiano or pinenuts or  basil, to your liking.)