Vino in my Dino

Stories about farming, family and vino

The name Vino in my Dino comes from my earliest memory of wine at our dining room table when I was 4 years old. I had my Flintstones tableware along with my Dino cup-my parents would pour a tiny bit of Zinfandel and then add water. I asked them why they put water in my vino-it just didn’t taste good. I have been passionate about wine ever since. READ MORE >>

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Sustainable Farming

Protecting land for generations to come

As a family winery farming in the Dry Creek Valley for 90 years, we want the next generations to be able to continue farming in an environmentally sensitive way.  The most important statement we can make about our wine is that we are here for the long term, and protecting the environment is one way we will achieve that goal.

Pedroncelli Winery vineyards are certified sustainable and, over the years, we have been reducing water use, building healthy soil, and protecting the vineyard environment. This is a comprehensive approach to vineyard management that involves all aspects of farming including human resources, viticulture, wine quality and soil, water management, pest, and habitat management.


Giovanni and Julia Pedroncelli purchase hillside property west of Geyerserville of which 25 acres are planted mostly to Zinfandel. During Prohibition, a former winery building is in use as a barn.

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"One of the old, iconic Italian families of Sonoma, the Pedroncellis have been farming vineyards since 1927. They obviously survived Prohibition and consumers are all the better for it. Moreover, they have always had a humble philosophy in terms of pricing. Dollar-for-dollar, the Pedroncelli wines consistently offer both character and quality for their prices, something consumers should never forget."
Robert Parker