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  • Barreling Through The Years

    February 27, 2018 15:30

    Barreling Through The Years

    Barrel time in wine country is important enough to have its’ own celebration in the form of two Barrel Tasting weekends in March. 41 years ago the Barrel Tasting, originally sponsored by the then Russian River Wine Road (now simply Wine Road) a group of wineries located near the Russian River, began as a way for people to discover northern Sonoma County. 41 years ago there were less wineries hence wines to try-it was at the beginning of the wine renaissance here. Today you have the joy of discovering new and old friends in the mix with over 100 wineries thieving samples out of the barrel for you. The event takes place between Alexander, Dry Creek and Russian River Valleys.

    Back in those early years there were less than 30 wineries participating. I have been here for 33 years and have worked a majority of those weekends. We went from trying to keep up with cleaning glasses to having folks ‘BYOG’ followed quickly by the first branding efforts with an official logo glass for $5. Numbers of wineries now range over 120 participating! Futures were added later on and not much has changed except the number people attending going from 100 to 25,000 at the peak in 2008. These days we see less people than at the peak-much less-which in turn gives us more time for visitors to taste and ask questions. Winemakers and cellar crews stand at the ready to talk about the wine and process of barrel aging. Join us this year as we feature the Past, Present and Future of our Alto Vineyards Sangiovese-a library release, our current 2015 vintage and the 2016 still in barrel. A splash of Sangiovese in my Dino with a toast to 40 more years of barrel tasting.

    **You still have time if you want to attend, tickets are sold at the door.

  • Swirl it, sniff it, taste it, dump it.

    March 3, 2015 16:57

    Tasting rooms come in all shapes and sizes. There are a bunch, a big bunch, of wines to try. It seems a bit overwhelming at first. My advice is to plan ahead as much as possible-even if it is a day trip. With hundreds of choices, you can narrow it down to a few like appellation or varietal, white or red wine, organic or sustainable. The list goes on. Have fun with it because the last thing I want you to do is take wine too seriously. We believe wine is made to be shared with friends and family-and taking home a bottle that you enjoyed in order to share with them is the best part of the experience. About the video: the Wine Road, a marketing organization for northern Sonoma County wineries, produces some great videos involving their events, winemaker tips, inside information on vineyards and today’s subject: wine tasting tips. If you plan on visiting the wine country to find some great wine I think you’ll find this a fun way to guide your wine tasting experience. And at 1:23 you’ll see my husband Ed who shares one of his tasting tips. And like Robert says—no cologne! Now where is my Dino cup…I’m ready for a taste of wine.

    Check out the Wine Road video here.