Where there is fire, there is smoke

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KQED North Bay Fire Forum, Featuring Karissa Kruse

Assistance from Natural Resources Conservation District

TTB: Waiver of Excise Tax Penalties for Businesses Affect by Fires

N-95 Safety Masks Available 

Mumm Napa Provides "Sifting Boxes" 

Wine Country Support: Stories from Our Community

Fall Agricultural Plastic Recycling Event 

Vineyard Materials Recycling Day
As firefighters work tirelessly reach full containment (fires are currently contained at 89% and above), there is still much to be done in our community to rebuild and support those who have been impacted.

Listen to the KQED forum on how the North Bay Fires are impacting wine country. We have also included a handful of helpful resources that have been brought to our attention by the wine country community.

In addition, you will see a few touching stories about how various members of our community are working to support those who have been impacted by the fires. And given the damage and destruction, we want to note that there are two recycling days coming up in early November, which may serve as a valuable way of getting rid of unwanted/destroyed materials.
Wildfire Resources & Information

KQED Forum, Featuring SCW President Karissa Kruse:
North Bay Fires Taking a Financial Toll on Wine, Hospitality Industries

Though this week so far has brought some good news regarding the containment of the North Bay fires, business is far from usual. Early estimates put the region’s loss of economic output at $200 million, which is expected to rise. In this segment we’ll look at how the fires are affecting the region’s wine and tourism industries, which account for about one in four jobs in Sonoma, Napa and Solano counties.

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Assistance from Natural Resources Conservation Service

Just like all of you, I am trying to piece together what has happened to our hometown community over the past week. The destruction of these fires will take us all working together to rebuild. As you return to your homes, farms, ranches, vineyards and start the cleanup process, please remember NRCS is available to help with recovery. Our website below has been updated to have local fact sheets on how to address property damage after the fires. Please pass this along to those affected.

Your local NRCS offices are also working on program information for cost sharing on some repairs. We understand time is of the essence with our incoming winter weather. Please contact your local field office before starting work, so that we can get you signed up for any financial assistance that may be available to help pay for practices.

The website (follow the link below) will also be updated with additional program information links as they become available (such as specialty EQIP funds).  

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TTB Announcement: Waiver of Excise Tax Penalties for Businesses Affected by California Wildfires

TTB recognizes that the devastation caused by wildfires has affected the operations of certain taxpayers. As a result, those taxpayers may not be able to timely file or timely make payment or deposit of excise taxes administered and enforced by TTB, as required under the Internal Revenue Code.

In light of this, TTB will waive late filing, payment, or deposit penalties on a case-by-case basis. Wherever warranted, waivers will be approved based on the statutory standard of reasonable cause and a lack of willful neglect demonstrated by the taxpayer.

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N-95 Safety Masks Available for Sonoma County Vineyard Workers

N-95 safety masks are available (at no cost) for Sonoma County vineyard workers. If you are interested in receiving an N-95 safety mask, please contact Amy Bess Cook at amybess.cook@gmail.com.


Mumm Napa Provides "Sifting Boxes" for those who Lost Homes/Businesses 

On behalf of Ludovic Dervin, Chief Winemaker at Mumm Napa, the winery is offering to provide “sifting boxes” for the people who have lost their home/businesses in the fires.

Sifting boxes can assist in finding small objects buried in the ashes, such as jewelry, rings, mementos, etc. These boxes make it possible to quickly sift the ashes by means of a large screening surface. (Such sieving boxes are usually not in stock in stores.)

If you are interested in receiving a sifting box, please contact Ludovic Dervin at 707-738-8568 or click the link below for more information.

Click Here to Contact Mumm Napa for Sifting Boxes

Wine Country Support: 
Stories from Our Community
I feel we dodged a bullet from the fires this past week, which puts us front and center to contribute. One of our ways of helping is with the release of a special cuvée called Gratitude--a limited production 2012 vintage Rosé with $5 a bottle sold going to the Redwood Empire Food Bank to support those in need.
- Joy Sterling of Iron Horse Vineyards
Karen and I extended an invite to a number of families through George Marek's eblast from GENCO, the home winemakers group in Sonoma County. We found homes for some and have one family in our front field staying in their RV. We are still looking for homes or even rooms for others.
- Karen and Carmine Indindoli of Indindoli Family Vineyards
I’m working with our partners in Silicon Valley to put in place a solution for people who have lost their homes to get into intermediate term housing and I’m hoping I can do it in a big way in a couple weeks. More details to come soon.
-Rob McMillan of Silicon Valley Bank Wine Division
Sustainability Resources

Fall Agricultural Plastic Recycling Event - November 7th

On Tuesday, November 7 from 9am-3pm, there will be a plastic pesticide container recycling event. The collection site is at the Sonoma County Healdsburg Corporation Yard located on Alexander Valley Road in Healdsburg. This event is open to growers, nurseries, pest control businesses, golf courses, parks and government agencies. 
Accepted Materials:

  • Plastic containers (1 pt - 55 gal size)
  • Containers larger than 15 gal. must be cut into quarters prior to event
  • Plastic lids, plastic/metal handles/rings, label booklets and plastic sleeves must be removed 
  • Containers must be triple-rinsed, punctured and dried
Click the following links to download the flyer for this event in English or Spanish.

Please note, you MUST fill out the following Pesticide Container Rinse Certification Form in order to drop off materials.

Vineyard Materials Recycling Day - November 9th

Sonoma County Winegrowers will be hosting their Vineyard Materials Recycling Day on Thursday, November 9 from 9am-2pm, at Industrial Carting located at 3911 Santa Rosa Avenue in Santa Rosa. 

Accepted Materials:

  • Vineyard drip hose and tube
  • Drip tape
  • PVC irrigation pipe
  • Rolled and tied bird netting
  • Grow tubes
  • Plastic sheeting

Please contact Emily Farrant  at Sonoma County Winegrowers at (707) 522-5821 for additional details.