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Vino in my Dino

Julie 3-31-15The name Vino in my Dino comes from my earliest memory of wine at our dining room table when I was 4 years old. I had my Flintstones tableware along with my Dino cup-my parents would pour a tiny bit of Zinfandel and then add water. I asked them why they put water in my vino-it just didn’t taste good. I have been passionate about wine ever since.

I am a third generation family member/owner of Pedroncelli Winery and the office I inhabit is my childhood bedroom. I have the good fortune to look out on the same vineyard view as I have for some five decades. And I never tire of what I see. My husband Ed calls this Pedroncelli World Headquarters. I call it home. Growing up at the winery gave me life experiences I still appreciate. Agriculture, sales, marketing, weather, climate, land purchases, sunsets (a family favorite) and Sunday dinners.

I hope you’ll stop by often and appreciate my view of the wine world and together we’ll sip some Vino in my Dino.


Wine Science!

Wine terms can be scientific or fanciful and here is a great video to help us all understand them from a scientist's point of view.

Written by Julie Pedroncelli St. John

Wine Thieving

A wine thief isn't a person-it's a device. Barrel tasting or barrel thieving is the practice of sampling a young wine while it is still in barrel.

Written by Julie Pedroncelli St. John

Ullage-it's not a town in Sweden

Even more barrel know-how with the focus on the inner workings of aging wine and the costs involved.

Written by Julie Pedroncelli St. John

Going through hoops

More barrel know-how with an explanation of why we age wine in oak barrels and why a cool, humidified room is best for them.

Written by Julie Pedroncelli St. John

Barrel Know-How

Everything you wanted to know about barrels...but were too busy tasting wine to ask.

Written by Julie Pedroncelli St. John


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