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Vineyard in the Fall: Making Ammendments

Fall colors don't just happen in New England. The changes in the season here in Dry Creek Valley include cool days in the 60s, color changes in the vine leaves and oak trees, rain and the ensuing aromatics the damp ground gives up as I walk the vineyard lanes.

Making ammendments means some parts of vineyards need additional help following the grape harvest. Soils were a bit more stressed from the drought and growing season and showed it. In some blocks of our 30 acres of Zinfandel we make these ammendments in the fall shortly after harvest in order to destress the soil. It comes in the form of lime, hence the white powder you see in the photo below. This feeds the soil the nutrients it needs.

While there isn’t much virus in this part of our Mother Clone vineyard, usually seen in the brilliant purple/red/orange leaves, the addition of nutrients keeps it healthy for another vintage. I'll have a splash of Mother Clone Zinfandel in a toast to fall.

Soil Ammendments

Written by Julie Pedroncelli St. John



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